Villa A, a place to find inspiration & create

All of Villa A’s different environments are enhanced by period furniture, objects and paintings, in color palettes carefully assorted according to tones, shades, and harmonies.

Discover the environments

The Gallery of Antiquity,
giving onto the gardens, welcomes you with its neoclassical museum atmosphere, a tribute to the Via Agrippa and Gallo-Roman theatre located nearby.

To the library

The main library
and music room,

where art history and music come together to the sound of an Erard concert grand piano.

Histoire de...
A candlelit dinner

The dining room and its large Empire chimney
for candle-lit dinners and the discovery of authentic local products
and flavours.


The small dining room
where tea will be served


The etching room
& office library

where you can relax and read about the decorative arts.


A home theatre, cabinet of curiosities
where you can discover or rediscover cult films in a comfortable hunting lodge setting.


An orangery
where gourmet breakfasts will be served with a view on the gardens.

The gardens

Natureon display


The spirit of this house inspired the design of these fabulous gardens that stretch out over 5 hectares.
An art of living based on the play between inside and outside.

Serenity, calm...

Spaces architectured by topiary and groves give onto a vast meadow bordered by arbors and a river.


The covered EVORA gallery
opens onto the gardens for full-service breakfasts and dinners worthy of a luxury hotel.

An 18 m swim lane
framed by its two gazebos highlights the view of a rose garden, orchard, and vegetable garden, bringing together their flavours and aromas.


An open-air theatre
lulled by the sound of a pond’s water jet gives access to a labyrinth and its green chambers, where you can relax and take in unobstructed views of the countryside.

A belvedere and its pavilion
perched by the river combine the pleasures of a picnic, a nap or a good book.


created by Cypress and Linden tree paths leading to shacks nestled in the thickets.

Espaces à vivre

A vast meadow
for enjoying a game of croquet or at night,
gazing at the stars under an infinite sky.

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